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About Us

Our Purpose: meaningful advice for everyone.

Agora is a business-to-business carrying dealer built exclusively to work in partnership with mutual fund dealers and financial advisors. Agora provides advanced digital tools and high net worth account and portfolio capabilities that are expensive to build as a dealer. Agora offers different nominee accounts with the convenience and flexibility to meet your needs whether digital, or paper-based. Dealers can effortlessly, and without cost, quickly upgrade their capabilities and their advisors’ capabilities and value. Agora’s carrying platform and prime and prime+ account structures augment a dealer’s business.

Agora is a digitally-oriented MFDA Level 4 carrying dealer providing Canadian mutual fund dealers and financial advisors with solutions that include:

  • prime nominee platform and fee-based options
  • prime+ model portfolios
  • Online Wealth Office advisor & client conveniences
  • Quantum Practice Management program & services

A truly unified digital wealth platform built exclusively for mutual fund dealers and their advisors to create deeper connections and better outcomes.

The Agora team are seasoned industry experts who have worked in the trenches with independent advisors, dealers and intermediaries for decades

Meet the Business Development Team

Jeff Thorsteinson

Head of Practice Management,  Agora Dealer Services Corp.

Servicing Western & Eastern Canada

Peter Barron

Vice President, Business Development


Xavier Mercier

Vice President, Business Development


Meet More of the Team

Paul C. Morford

Chair, Agora Dealer Services Corp.

Robert Smuk

President & CEO

Stephen Sieger

Chief Financial Officer

Cristina Zsoter

Chief Administrative Officer

Daniel Kratochvil

Chief Compliance Officer

Agora Dealer Services Corp. is a member of the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada. Services aux courtiers Agora est membre de l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers.

Ontario Securities Commission