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Agora Dealer Services Corp. (“Agora”) has procedures in place to handle any written or verbal complaints received from clients in a fair and prompt manner. This is a summary of those procedures, which we provide to new clients, clients who have filed a complaint and that we also make available on our website at agoracorp.ca.
Agora is a carrying dealer and clients are “introduced” to us by their mutual fund dealer (“Introducing Dealer”).
Clients should consider first discussing any concerns or questions they have with their financial advisor at the Introducing Dealer. This is likely the person who sold the client the product or service. Clients should also consider contacting directly the authorized person in charge of the branch of their financial advisor or the compliance department of their Introducing Dealer. The Introducing Dealer is responsible to their clients and for supervising the actions and activities of their financial advisors.

How to File a Complaint with Agora

Clients wishing to complain to Agora may make their complaint to our head office by contacting the Compliance Department by mail at 6285 Northam Drive, Suite 100, Mississauga, ON L4V 1X5 or email complaint@agoracorp.ca. All complaints are forwarded to qualified compliance or supervisory personnel to be handled. We encourage clients to make their complaint in writing through mail or email where possible. Where clients have difficulty putting their complaint in writing, they should advise us so that we can provide assistance. For confidentiality reasons, we will only deal with the client or another individual who has the client’s express written authorization to deal with us on the client’s behalf.

Complaint Handling Procedures

We will acknowledge receipt of complaints promptly, generally within five days. Our initial acknowledgement will include copies of this summary and the CCIF. We review all complaints fairly, taking into account all relevant documents and statements obtained from the client, our records, the client’s Introducing Dealer, other staff members and any other relevant source. Once our review is complete we provide clients with our written response. Our response may be an offer to resolve a client complaint, a denial of the complaint with reasons or another appropriate response. Our response will summarize the complaint, our findings and will contain a reminder about the client’s options with the Ombudsman for Banking and Investments.
We will generally provide our response within ninety days, unless we are waiting for additional information from the client, or the case is novel or very complicated.
We will respond to communications the client sends us after the date of our response to the extent necessary to implement a resolution or to address any new and relevant information or a settlement proposal the client provides.


If we offer the client a financial settlement, we may ask the client to sign a release and waiver for legal reasons.

Contacting Agora

Clients may contact us at any time to provide further information or to inquire as to the status of their complaint, by contacting the individual handling their complaint or by contacting our Chief Compliance Officer.