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Conflicts of Interest

The Canadian Securities Administrators has developed new regulations known as, Client-Focused Reforms, that come into effect this year (2021). The purpose of these reforms is to bring a heightened and more prescriptive focus on certain compliance activities such as reporting and record-keeping.

The first of these enhanced compliance requirements, Conflict of Interest, applies to all registered Advisors and took effect June 30, 2021. Below is the Agora Dealer Services Corp. (“ADSC”) Conflict of Interest disclosure for clients that outlines how conflicts must be avoided, identified, documented, and remediated.

A conflict of interest includes any circumstance where the interests of the dealer are divergent from or is placed above that of the client.

Generally, a conflict of interest is material if the conflict may be reasonably expected to influence either your decisions as a client, or your dealer/representative’s recommendations, or decisions in the circumstances.

It’s possible that conflicts of interest may arise when conducting business with our clients. In the event such a conflict arises, we will immediately advise our Introducing Dealer in writing of the conflict and will ensure that the conflict is addressed in a way that is in the client’s best interest.

This conflict disclosure will:

  • Specify the nature and extent of the conflict of interest
  • Identify the potential impact and risk that it may pose to the client
  • Indicate how the conflict has been or will be addressed

ADSC must comply with the legislative requirements regarding any conflicts of interest that arise while performing activities as a mutual fund dealer. ADSC must ensure that any actual or potential conflict of interest is promptly disclosed to the client.

ADSC must address material conflicts of interest by either avoiding those conflicts or by using controls to mitigate those conflicts sufficiently so that the conflict is addressed in the client’s best interest.

Role of Agora

ADSC, as a Carrying Dealer, is responsible for trade execution and for the settling of trades (both of which our Introducing Dealer may do in certain circumstances) and custody of client cash and securities.  

ADSC is responsible for issuing account statements and trade confirmations and for most tax reporting.  Nevertheless, for mutual fund transactions, ADSC relies on the manager of the mutual fund to issue trade confirmations as permitted by the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization Rules. ADSC does not give investment advice and does not determine the suitability of client investments and is not responsible for and does not supervise any investment advice given to clients by their advisor or dealer.  Also, ADSC is under no duty to evaluate the appropriateness, accuracy or quality of any instructions received by clients, their advisor, or employer for group accounts. Please contact your advisor or dealer to learn more about how they manage of conflicts of interest.