New tools and capabilities for independent dealers and advisors

Agora is the leading cloud-based Wealth Management Dealer Services platform.  We’ve invested in creating cutting-edge web-based technologies dedicated to delivering the best possible online experience, so you can invest in developing clients and enhancing your investor relationships.

Easy On-Boarding

Agora uses automation to make on-boarding effortless and client-friendly

Freedom to Move

Access Agora from anywhere, anytime, using any device, so you’re not chained to a desk

Investor Dashboard

Agora keeps your clients connected to their portfolios with powerful online tools

Model Portfolios

Immediate access to administrative efficiency, regulatory compliance, and other benefits

No-Fee Nominee Accounts

Consolidate multiple client name accounts into a single nominee account

No Transfer Out Fees

Agora lets you introduce clients without friction by eliminating transfer out fees

Secure & Confidential

You and your clients can access the Agora online platform safely with confidence

Paperwork Simplified

Let Agora handle complex form filings, signings, and tax documents automatically

Intermediary Services Re-Imagined

As a Carrying Dealer, Agora is able to dramatically reduce the administrative overhead associated with operating as a Financial Advisor.  This wealth of new capabilities positions independent Advisors and Dealers to compete and thrive amongst large financial institutions and robo-advisors, empowering them to deliver valued advice and solutions to Canadian investors.

Harness the Power of the Web

Our web-based tools speed access to your daily needs and give your clients easy access to view their portfolio’s performance, access forms, and more..

Private Client Platform

Private Client Platform covers a wide range of investor types, ranging from conservative to aggressive. In building these portfolios, we look at what the “smart money” is doing, and seek out investment manager partners that have long, distinguished track records managing money for some of Canada’s largest institutional investors, including pension funds, foundations and endowments, and some of Canada’s wealthiest families.

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Agora is Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

10 King Street East,
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Agora Dealer Services was created with a mission to be an innovative carrying dealer who delivers more than traditional services. Our new leading-edge fund management and work-flow platform sets a new standard for the independent advice channel, supporting Advisors and Dealers and providing seamless coordination of the latest investment solutions including low cost and zero cost nominee and fee-for-service account options supported by powerful technology and experienced, responsive customer support.