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Where meaningful advice and powerful technology converge

Online Wealth Office

Scale your business and realize significant cost and time efficiencies with our paperless platform,  robo-technology, automated onboarding, rebalancing and much more. Manage each account to your client’s preferences—and manage all accounts with mass customization.

Agora’s platform is designed to seamlessly automate day-to-day administrative tasks with the latest investment solutions including low cost and zero cost nominee and fee-for-service account options supported by powerful technology, automated portfolio rebalancing tools and experienced, responsive customer support.

This wealth of new capabilities frees up significant time spent on paperwork and managing increasing regulatory requirements while helping reverse the pressure of squeezed margins.

Agora’s goal is to help independent Advisors compete effectively and thrive amongst large financial institutions and robo-advisors. We are empowering you to deliver the advice and investment solutions that Canadian investors want and need.

Embrace Your Independence

Scale Your business

Streamline your practice and operate anywhere, anytime from any device. Robo firms utilized technology to cut Advisors out of the investment advice process. Agora embraces technology to augment Advisor value and efficiency. Our powerful technology provides end-to-end processing – from client onboarding to automated portfolio rebalancing, flexible, open architecture offers custom branded solutions for Dealers with complete control over features, functionality and future requirements helping Advisors be hyper-efficient so they can focus on serving clients and scaling their practice.

Free Up Time

Deliver More Value To All Your Clients & Free Up Time To Develop Your Business.

Automate low value, recurring tasks.

Automate on-boarding, auto assembly of document packages and eliminated transaction processing errors.

Use technology to seamlessly move data rather than keying in it twice or three times.

Use auto-rebalancing to maximize time spent with clients and prospects.

Use third party Portfolio Managers for portfolio overlay and quarterly commentary.

Eliminated redundant client account administration that currently occurs at the fund companies and your dealer.

Client Portal

Our client portal enables you to stay connected to your clients in an evolving digital world.

Create client engagement

This digital, mobile-friendly portal allows you to leverage “robo” technologies to deliver a superior wealth management experience to every one of your clients.

Superior Client Experiences

Give your clients all the information they need in one easy-to-use, modern portal.

Digital Onboarding

Open accounts and add new clients in as little as 5 minutes with absolutely no paper and straight through processing to the book of record. Your entire onboarding process made digital.