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Take Back Control

Agora’s AdvisorTech gives you access to a transformative client engagement experience, elegant and intuitive asset servicing functionality, and a range of customizable high-quality asset allocation models, tailored to each client’s risk tolerance and goals.

AdvisorTech Advantage

It’s essential the technology used by financial advisors is in sync with how you do business. We understand and respond with an entirely new platform.
Modernize your client’s experience
  • End-to-end digital onboarding
  • Client portal, secure document vault, chat-style functionality
  • Consolidated digital statements
Streamline administration

  • Account opened in minutes
  • Guided digital process minimizes NIGO
  • 3-click transfer-in
Improve productivity

  • Integrated risk profile questionnaire and segmentation tools
  • Intuitive Advisor Portal
  • Practice management consulting
Integrate investment management

  • Customizable asset allocation models: curated by independent portfolio consultants, or designed by you
  • Oversight by independent portfolio consultants
  • Auto-rebalancing

State of the Art Digital Process

01. Client assessment
Product selection

02. Client on-boarding

03. Activate 3-click

We take it from

Low-fee Prime and No-fee Prime+

The Agora Advantage
Moving from client name to either account solution is simply more efficient for you, your administrative team, and your clients. Stop dealing with multiple client accounts at a variety of fund companies to process trades or custom build consolidated statements. A single account does all of this for you.

Lower Costs
We believe in the power of managing client investments in a single account – and at a cheaper price. The annual fee for our base level Prime account is only $12.00 vs $125-$150 that many competitors offer. Move up to the additional benefits offered by Prime+ and the annual fee goes all the way down to $0 with no transfer out fee.

Prime+ Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP)

Agora Prime+ accounts provide access to our integrated digital risk profile tool and broad range of customizable asset-allocation models.


  • Series of models curated by independent portfolio managers provide:
  • Exclusive market insights and reporting
  • Variable, unbundled advisory fee
  • Portfolio oversight and auto-rebalancing
  • Fully transparent client statements displaying holdings by fund
  • No transfer out fees
  • Opportunity to design your own*


* Some restrictions apply

Maximize Profitability of Mass-Affluent Clients

For too long, mass-affluent Canadians (those with less than $250,000 in investible assets) have been considered unprofitable for many Dealers and their Advisors. Agora has been designed to change that.

By moving these clients to Prime+, Advisors have access to our first-of-its-kind Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) offering an investment portfolio aligned with the client’s risk profile and selected from professionally managed asset allocation models.

Independent professional portfolio consultants carry the load from investment selection to ongoing monitoring and rebalancing as required.

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