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Dear Advisors:

If you’re reading this it’s because you think we’re probably on the same page about a lot of things that need to change.​


You’re right. We are.​


We created The Agora because as seasoned wealth management veterans we asked ourselves an important question“What if we started over?” How would you want to work? And work better?​


Scroll down and tell us if we got the answers right.

“If I could transform how I work, I would …”

Reduce the time I spend managing increasingly demanding regulatory requirements. 

Increase the value I bring to all my clients.

Personalize each account according to my client’s preferences and manage all accounts with mass personalization.

Automate processing from client onboarding to automated portfolio rebalancing. I need a pair of expert digital hands.

Grow my client base because I can now cost-efficiently prospect new semi-affluent investors hungry for my advice.

Scale my practice faster by focusing my new hires on client relationships instead of months and months of client-name paperwork training. 

Make every client feel like they’re my most important client.

Why should I use The Agora?

You should use Agora if you believe offering an integrated technology solution will give you an edge and impact your bottom line.

You should if you believe the best way forward is to focus on deepening existing relationships and new client acquisitions.

You should if you believe the future of wealth management is Human Digital.

Wait, what’s Human Digital? Read on.

What is Agora Human Digital?

It’s the answer to another question we asked ourselves: What if Humans and computers collaborated? ​

The Agora’s award-winning digital platform brings you the lightning-fast ability to automate myriad processes so you can do what you do best, improve the financial lives of your clients through your human insights and investment acumen.

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