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Choosing the Right Nominee Platform

Empower Your People and Your Business

More than just a Nominee account solution

Simplify your life by eliminating the need for multiple service providers. Our comprehensive platform has it all—from model portfolio management and paperless onboarding, to performance reporting and fee collection—all seamlessly integrated with our trading and nominee services solutions.

In fact, with Agora’s wealth platform, you can leverage a flexible and efficient platform that can cut operating costs, allow you to compete with large dealers, overcome a lack of scale and secure your niche.

Do you build or outsource? Before Agora’s platform was available this was an interesting and difficult question. We have put it to rest. Why build these back-end services when Agora will provide them at no cost. That’s right no cost. Focus your efforts on your unique culture. Leave these once impossible tools and services to us. Don’t spend your money to build what we will give you for free. We have a simple business model let us discuss it with you.

Deliver e-onboarding and your own model portfolios with auto rebalancing. Offer your advisors low-cost and zero-fee nominee and fee-for-service account options. You can consolidate multiple client name accounts into one nominee account. We’ve also eliminated transfer out fees.

Agora is a trusted partner of dealers and their advisors, providing secure trade execution, settlement and nominee accounts, fully-integrated with online portfolio management, performance reporting, and a host of valuable solutions.

Core Platform Benefits

The first comprehensive wealth platform providing an end-to-end workflow supporting independent advice. From e-onboarding to transaction and nominee account services, client reporting functionality, turnkey asset management and continuous, ongoing technology support to dealers, easy to use and all at no cost!

Nominee And Fee-For-Service Accounts

  • Nominee account service
  • Fee-for-service options
  • Electronic trade execution / settlement
  • Low fee and no-fee options
  • High Net Worth experience for all clients regardless of holdings

End-To-End Digital Client Onboarding And Management

  • Control pace and strategic direction of your value proposition
  • Master database
  • Data security layer
  • Cloud-based single sign-on
  • Auto-populated forms
  • Auto-assembled documents
  • eSignatures
  • Integrated planning and reporting tools

Integrated Dashboard And API Interface

  • An application interface
  • Private-labeled dashboard


Model Portfolios

  • No referral arrangements
  • Ready-to-Go model portfolios
  • Customized, private label model portfolios
  • Automated re-balancing
  • Tiered pricing
  • On-going technology credits

Small Accounts are Great!

Talk to us about small account economics


  • Small account economics have never worked well. Yet small accounts contribute revenue. Accounts under $250,000 are likely half your book of assets.

  • Reduce operating expenses without compromising service by placing those accounts on the Agora nominee platform.

  • Add portfolio managers and a HNW account experience for every client at no cost.

  • Increase advisor efficiency through mass customization and automation.

  • Reduce overall trading volume and add new dealer revenue.