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Plans and Accounts

We offer the full slate of account types to meet the financial and retirement savings, investment and income needs of Canadian investors.

  • Non-Registered Investments
  • Registered Retirement Savings
  • Tax Free Savings
  • Registered Education Savings
  • Registered Retirement Income Options

Investment Options

Comprehensive range of investment products from GICs to Mutual Funds.

First-of-its-kind Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) provides broad range of customizable asset allocation models curated by independent portfolio consultants or designed by you.


Ready to go TAMPs curated by independent portfolio consultants


Tempo                                                                      Three actively managed and market return solutions with the added benefit of lower cost to clients.


  • Active
  • Passive
  • Access


Focused on actively managed investment portfolios with the opportunity to outperform market indices.

The Discipline

4Cs of Model Design


Construction : the due diligence undertaken by our portfolio consultants to select and deploy investments to provide optimum exposure to markets, sectors and asset classes.

Composition : the weighting of each investment within the model.

Concentration : the diversification achieved by the number of investments in each model. Each of these models is focused on risk management, which is primarily achieved through effective, but not over, diversification.

Cost : Ultra low-cost, perfectly suited for mass-affluent clients.

The Process

  • Once each model is created, a rigorous ongoing oversight process is conducted by our professional portfolio consultants, ensuring that each investment continues to perform and contribute to the model as designed.
  • The percentage weighting of each holding in the model is continually reviewed.
  • To ensure the proper fit for specific client objectives, each model within the suite offers five risk tolerance solutions ranging from Conservative to Aggressive Growth, in line with the risk profile questionnaire.

The Benefits

    • On target : Active monitoring and management of the Prime+ series ensures that target weightings always remain aligned with the client’s risk profile questionnaire.
    • Professional oversight : Experienced independent portfolio consultants provide the due diligence behind the models.
    • Transparent : Unlike many investment models, Prime+ provides clients with direct ownership of underlying funds, identifying them individually on statements.
    • Efficient : One-click purchasing power
Automated rebalancing
One account to manage

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